Coffee Table #3 Design


Note: The links on the left side of this page and the other Model CT-3 pages will take you to detailed information about the new coffee table's design and construction.

Like all good schedules, this one was subject to change without notice. After all, I couldn't let fun interfere with work. The good news is that the new coffee table is now operational, and this schedule has reached the end of its usefulness. There is more work to do on the layout and its controlling software, but these activities have no schedule and may go on for years to come. That's the nice thing about hobbies.



Track plan design complete, including full-size drawing


Start layout construction

Plywood received 06/21/2006
Construction underway

All trackage (flex track, turnouts, turnout motors, etc.) ordered from Ken's Trains

Order received 06/29/2006

Control electronics design and documentation complete, excluding cabling

(some ongoing changes)

Layout lift mechanism parts available

Parts are available
and have been tested

Furniture internal dimensions finalized

Finalized 07/15/2006

Layout lift mechanism design

Design completed 07/15/2006

Equipment box and
lift mechanism available

Box and lift mechanism
received 07/24/2006

Layout lift mechanism operational

Testing complete 07/26/2006

Scenery conceptual design begins

Design started 08/11/2006

Layout trackage complete

Trackage completed 9/14/2006

Electronics ordered from CTI

Order received 09/25/2006

Electronics construction begins

Circuit boards installed 9/27/2006
Wiring started 10/01/2006

Software development begins

Coding started 10/03/2006

Power system design complete

Power systems operational 12/01/2006

Electronics Power On

The power is on! 01/03/2007

One train running on blocks 1-8

First train running 01/09/2007

Two trains running on blocks 1-8

Two trains running 02/08/2007

Electronics assembly and test

Completed 04/22/7007

Foam model of furniture available


One train running on all blocks


Scenery construction begins


Furniture assembly complete


Rough-cut scenery complete


Layout operational


Furniture sculpture complete


Detailed scenery complete


TCL Programming Complete


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